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Accueil » Our strength: Quality products with the best price !

Our strength: Quality products with the best price !

As a global player among the metal buildings suppliers, our company was created in 2001. Benefit from our confirmed experience: 700 steel sheds in more than 40 countries each years.

Discover the components of our kit buildings!

Click on the "+" buttons to have a more precise view of each element.

The Key of our success: Easyhalls has developed a strong expertise in the e-commerce of high quality steel framing kits at the best price. Our products are easy-to-assemble by bolting and adapted to our clients locations, activities and needs. We are often imitated but never duplicated. We quote our building economically to save you the most money possible.


All our steel framing components are designed in compliance with European standards.


  • Simple foundations, intuitive engineering and easy-to-assemble kit (depending on the type of ground and the load-lowering).
  • Strong industrial profiles, insert 40 cm into supporting concrete blocks, for a greater stability.
  • Recommendation: Choose a simple and cost effective foundation to save money.

  • Strong industrial profiles (cf. graph).

  • Our smallest industrial profile is ɪ200 and offers 5% more resistance than basic ipe 200 profile.

  • Industrial profile weldings are ultrasound-tested

  • The gussets are oversized (10% of building width)
    Recommendation: always privilege frames




  • Pickling by soaking in several baths to eliminate impurities
  • Hot dip galvanisation in a molten zinc bath at 420 °C. It facilitates metal inter-penetration to form an ultra-strong alloy

  • Scoring does not generate incipient rusting
    Recommendation: Choose galvanisation to avoid unnecessary treatment cost, painting, finishing touches and servicing



Purlin plates

  • Galvanised C 180mm purlins. Strong resistance, great inertia.
  • Recommendations: Make sure your purlins can withstand fiber cement
  • and sheeting metal and galvanisation is highly recommended.


Interlocked Gutters

  • High capacity flow gutter, hot dip galvanised steel.
  • 2.5mm thickness.
  • Three-in-one function:
    • Eave Beam.
    • Gutter.
    • Frame for cladding.
      Recommendation: Choose interlocked gutters for greater durability.



  • Sheet:
    • Warranty against piercing.
    • 30 microns coated box profile.
    • 75/100 coated box profile.


  • Anti-condensation layer:
    • Warranty against layer removal.
    • No unhealthy atmosphere (humidity correctly extracted from building).
      Recommendation: Choose a roofing sheet with a non-condensation drop included




  • Ridge plates are attached directly to the support, rather than the metal sheet.
  • Recommendation: Make sure your ridge plates are attached to rafters rather than the metal sheets otherwise your insurance might not cover the damage sections.

  • Galvanised ɪ200 beams.
  • Recommendation: Beware of lighter profiles sections.
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